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Do you like funny stories and inspirational stories? How about stories with kids? Grab yourself a cup of your favorite coffee or tea and put your feet up for a moment.  At "A Time to Laugh" you'll find a broad collection of funny and inspirational stories, a gallery of funny pictures, and clean jokes to keep you laughing. Enjoy exploring!

A Time to Laugh Funny and Inspirational Stories

Aging gracefully and growing older should be fun!

Here are some short thoughts and funny stories about aging. And there are some thoughts about how to be green, then and now. You're getting older?  So what! Get out there and dance a few steps!

aging couple dancing

God has a funny sense of humor

God is good, and all good things come from God . . . even the funny stuff.  That's why its real easy to see that God has a funny sense of humor! He tells us in Ecclesiastes that "to everything there is a season", and there is A Time to Laugh!

"I love asking kids what they want to be when they grow up, because I'm still looking for answers."

Funny professionals, doctors, lawyers, pilots

Doctors and Lawyers. Laughter in the courtroom and cockpit. Pilots, teachers, and even librarians have funny stories. Sometimes the funniest stories come from the workplace.

A Time to Laugh Kids and family fun stories

Aren't families great? Families are like fudge. Mostly sweet with a few nuts. The life and times of kids are awesome and full of stories to make you laugh.

How I learned how to mind my own business

I was walking along the sidewalk next to the mental hospital last week, and all of the patients were chanting, "13 . . .13 . . . 13 . . . 13".

The fence was too high to see over the top to find out what they were chanting about, so I looked for another way to see in. I spotted a knot hole and walked over to see for myself.  The knot hole was just about eye level, so I leaned into it for a peek.


That's when I got poked in the eye with a stick.

And then the chanting continued, "14 . . . 14 . . . 14 . . . 14 . . .".

"I hate it when people accuse me of lolly gagging when I'm quite clearly dilly dallying."

What do you wonder about when you day dream?

Ever Wonder Why?  What could this be about?  Well, have you ever called the mental health hotline just for fun?  Yes, it's a bit funny and a reason for laughter.

People are just funny sometimes

How many times do stories of outrageous tragedy start out with, "hey guys, what this"! Clearly past, present, and future Darwin Award winners. We laugh with them, not at them. Well, maybe not.

The Last Page of the Internet

(Push the Red Button to reach the Last Page of the Internet)

Funny computer and technology stories

What do you think of when you hear the word "Technology". In this day and time we often turn to computers.  But then, computer jokes aren't just for the tech-savvy or geeks. 

A child's insight from funny kidssmiling cartoon cow

You remember those great moments with Art Linkletter, "Kids Say the Darnedest Things"?  It's true, they make you laugh, they make you cry, they tell you a story, then make you stop and think for a moment.  And no, milk does not come out a cow's nose when it laughs, it comes out of your nose!

Funny signs from around the world

we love kids but please keep yours at your table sign

Funny Signs are everywhere if we slow down long enough to look. There are even signs for kids, because, after all, sometimes kids could use a little direction.

(Parents can use a little direction too)

"What do you call a boomerang that doesn't come back?"  ~ A Stick ~

Have fun at work, all work and no play?

asleep at work

The Work Place is where we usually spend one third, or more, of our lives. And aren't times at work more fun when you're laughing! How about those great excuses for sleeping at work?

Funny animal stories and pictures

The Funny Animals pages include funny stories and pictures of dogs, cats, dinosaurs, monkeys, cows, and wet kitties. Our pets are part of the family. And we love to laugh at funny cat stories, and funny dog stories.

Slow down and smell the roses today

Do you ever stop to Smell the Roses?  Life is busy.  Life is fast.  It's the age in which we live.  And it's getting faster every day. Find the time to embrace, and the time to laugh and smile.red rose on wood deck

Inspiring stories of people changing the world

Change the World is a collection of inspirational stories about people taking the time to make a difference. 

Stories of encouraging and inspirational faith

Do you have Encouraging Faith?  Does God Live Under your Bed?  Does God Whisper? Do you Carry Your Umbrella?  Be encouraged. Take the time to slow down.

Take the "long view", the eternal view of life

It is said at times, that life is short. Taking The Long View includes inspirational stories about lifetimes, and relationships that matter, and eternity. 

Miracles still happen today

Do Miracles Happen in our day and age?  How about a Letter from Heaven or an answered prayer about glasses. Be encouraged and inspired. 

gentleman penguin with bowler and umbrella

Money, serious or funny?

Money and More is about money, as expected.  It is also about more, sometimes funny, sometimes practical, sometimes with a bit of inspirational insight.

Random thoughts and stories

What do you think about?  The pages beginning with "Thoughts" are a group of short inspiring stories about the people in your life, and also about those twists and turns that you may not have considered before. 

Ecclesiastes Chapter 3

Ecclesiastes 3 is a short web study, offering insight into this mysterious book of the Bible.  To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven, and a time to laugh.

Christmas Fun and Holiday Stories

Christmas is a wonderful time of the year for stories. Start by sitting down with your kids and writing your own Christmas story.  Yes, it's easy.  And what would Christmas be without snow and the annual office party, that doesn't usually go as planned.

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